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This wine is made from 100% Albana grapes which are one of the two DOCG varietals in the Romagna Region of Italy – part of the greater Emilia Romagna region.  This is the first of the areas white wines to receive it’s DOCG classicification – the highest quality classification in Italy.  The grapes are grown in predominantly clay soil which lends to the minerality on the palate.  All of the grapes are harvested with great care by hand.  The wine is then fermented in steel tank and aged for approximately 6 months in concrete which allows the beautiful fruit and distinctive underlying peach and almond notes.  There is great depth of flavor and complexity with nice acidity making it a great wine for multiple pairings wether fish, chicken or even heavier dishes like pork tenderloin.

Ca di Sopra "Sandrona" Albana DOCG 2018

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