Crepe means “cracks” in Italian and refers to the cracks in the calcareous soil of the region in which it grows. Crepe is made with 100% Romagna Sangiovese Superiore.  Sangiovese di Romagna adapts to different soil types but seems to produce the highest quality wine in the sandstone and clay rich hills of Marzena. The higher summer time temperatures of this area gives more opportunity for Sangiovese to sufficiently ripen which shines through in this wine.   Crepe exhibits the grape's naturally high acidity as well as moderate tannin content and light color and great depth of dark cherry fruit.  This is a very versatile wine.  This wine is fermented in steel and aged mainly in cement  with 10% aging in oak barrels.  This helps retain it’s fruitiness but add layers of complexity.  This wine is ready to drink!  A great wine for every night of the week.

Ca di Sopra "Crepe" Sangiovese 2018