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Champagne & Sparkling Wine

We are currently offering three different Champagne labels.  Arteis & Co. was created by longtime friend and Champagne savant, Fabien Gay.  It comes from exclusively Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards and is always from a single vintage. The Arteis wines are bright, nuanced and pair very well with a variety of cuisines.  They have an extremely low dosage to accentuate the crisp acidity.  These wines are on the cutting edge of what is happening in Champagne today and is a favorite label of many renowned Sommeliers.

Champagne Jean Diot was founded in the 1950's and still owned by the Diot family.  They use grapes that are farmed entirely by their team and of which about 80% are owned by the family.  The Diot wines are non vintage in order to preserve their lovely house style.  These wines are lively yet have a very soft mousse that gently covers your palate.  We enjoy these wines quite often by themselves as an aperitif but are also delicious with shellfish and Asian cuisine.  A low dosage is in practice here as well so that the wines remain dry after disgorgement and bottling.

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